The Extraordinary Journey of Roohani Dunya

Step into the world of spiritual sciences and astrology with the Barni Family Legacy. Founded by the esteemed Hazrat Kash-Alberni Rahmatullah in 1932, this legacy continues to enlighten and guide people on their spiritual journeys. With a passion for research and a dedication to helping others, the Barni Family has created a series of publications and resources that encompass ancient and modern knowledge.

Our Purpose

The primary purpose of our institute is twofold: to provide spiritual support and guidance to those in need, and to promote the expansion of spiritual knowledge through meticulous research. With an unwavering commitment to these principles, we have become a beacon of light for seekers across the globe.

Magazine Roohani Dunya

As the first step in this remarkable journey, the Barni Family launched the renowned magazine, Ruhani Dunya. Since 1932, this monthly publication has been a beacon of spiritual sciences, exploring wisdom from both the Eastern and Western worlds. Through meticulous research, the magazine covers a wide range of topics, delving into the mystical and unveiling the secrets of the universe.

Barni Takweem (Ephemeris Calendar)

Building upon their extensive research, the Barni Family developed the Barni Ephemeris Calendar. This unique calendar, based on the principles of “ephemeris,” captures the movement of stars and celestial objects. Published annually since 1960, it includes the precise “Saad-O-Nuhus” timings, providing invaluable guidance for people from all walks of life.

Continuing the Legacy

Following in the footsteps of his revered father, Hazrat Wasif Barni emerged as the successor and custodian of this profound knowledge. With an unwavering commitment, he has dedicated his life to carrying forward the invaluable teachings and practices passed down through generations. Over the past 50 years, Hazrat Wasif Barni has positively impacted the lives of approximately 500,000 individuals, offering guidance, solace, and solutions.

Guidance for a Fulfilling Life

At every stage of human existence, the Barni Family Legacy offers guidance and support. Whether you are facing constant failures, financial setbacks, legal challenges, or relationship issues, the Barni Family is here to assist you. Their expertise extends to matters such as career choices, personal development, and protection from negative energies.

Unlocking the Power of Names, Stones, Colors, and Education

Understanding the significance of various elements in our lives, the Barni Family provides insights into the power of names, stones, colors, and education. The right name resonates with your soul, a carefully chosen stone brings balance, harmonious colors elevate your well-being, and a suitable academic path illuminates your future.

Embrace the Barni Family Legacy and embark on a transformative journey towards spiritual enlightenment and personal growth. Let us guide you through the vast realm of spiritual sciences, empowering you to navigate life’s challenges with wisdom and grace.

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