Astrology Readings

Illuminate Your Life's Journey with Celestial Insights

Life is a journey, and the celestial bodies hold valuable insights that can guide us along the way. At Roohani Dunya, our astrology readings offer a deep understanding of the cosmic forces that influence our lives. Through the ancient wisdom of astrology, we unveil the hidden patterns and cosmic energies that shape our experiences.

Our expert astrologers study the positions and movements of the planets, stars, and celestial bodies to provide you with personalized readings that delve into various aspects of your life. From relationships and career to health and spirituality, our astrology readings offer profound insights into your unique cosmic blueprint.


Life Path Analysis

Explore the celestial map of your life's journey and uncover hidden potentials.

Career Guide

Career Guidance

Gain clarity and direction in your professional path with astrological insights.

We take pride in our thorough research of the occult, developing a platform to enlighten minds and better help people. Our foundation is built upon a special calendar, known as the Barni Ephemeris Calendar, which is based on the principles of “ephemeris” – the movement of stars and celestial objects.

After 28 years of dedicated research, the Barni Ephemeris Calendar has been published annually since 1960. It is adorned with modern research and stands out as the best guide for both ordinary individuals and practitioners. Within this calendar, the “Saad-O-Nuhus” or “times of saad” are determined, providing valuable insights for astrological interpretations.

Experience the transformative power of celestial insights with Roohani Dunya’s astrology readings. Our comprehensive approach, combined with our deep understanding of cosmic energies and the Barni Ephemeris Calendar, ensures that you receive accurate and insightful readings. Illuminate your life’s journey and unlock the wisdom of the stars with our astrology services.

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